Windows Backup app on Windows 11 September 2023 Update

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Windows 11 released a new backup app, with the new September update which we can call a long-awaited feature. It was released as part of - Version: 22H2 'Moment 4' - Build: 22631 - Release: September 26, 2023. So, if you haven’t updated your Windows yet here is another reason.

Traditionally we had to use imaging tools, data backup services and was mostly depend on third parties. With the introduction of this new app, we can now backup windows files and data to one drive and restore everything smoothly.

To use the backup app,

1.      Make sure you are signed in to an online account in your PC
2.      Open Start.
3.      Search for Windows Backup and click the top result to open the app.
4.      Click the Folders setting.
5.      Turn on the Folders toggle switch to back up your profile folders to the cloud, including Desktop, Documents, and Pictures.

[Image: QHIAGs.jpg]

6. Click the Apps setting.
7. Turn on the "Quick access apps on any Windows device" toggle switch.[Image: r6hIit.jpg]

8. Click on Settings.
9. Turn on the settings to include in the backup, such as accessibility, language preferences and dictionary, personalization, and other settings.

[Image: CnyMS6.jpg]

10. Click the Credentials setting.
11. Turn on the "Wi-Fi networks & passwords" toggle switch.

12. Click the Back up button.
13. Click the Close button.

There you go, that’s how you backup your Windows with the new backup app. Let’s look at how we can restore the backup. Note that, this restore option requires you to sign-in to Microsoft account during Windows installation. he app doesn't even have an interface to restore a specific file, setting, app, or credential. Instead, you would access your files directly from OneDrive, and for everything else, you only have the option to restore them during the initial setup process.
The steps are as below.

1. Choose the region that applies to you.
2. Click the Yes button.

[Image: t8auh6.jpg]

3. Select the keyboard language that applies to you.
4. Click the Yes button.
5. Click the Skip button.
6. Confirm a name for the device (if applicable).
7. Click the Next button.

[Image: fsEPtz.jpg]

8. Choose the "Set up for personal use" option.

[Image: fcngaM.jpg]

9. Click the Sign in button.
10. Confirm your Microsoft account.
11. Click the Next button.
12. Under the "Restore from your PC backup" section, click the "Restore from this PC" button.

[Image: 2DIPoe.jpg]

13. Continue with on-screen directions to complete the setup.

After you complete the steps, the system will complete the setup, restoring your files, settings, credentials, and apps in the new installation.

Try it out and let me know guys!


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