Microsoft one outlook app

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For years we had calendar and mail apps separated in Windows 11. With the recent push of Project Monarch as a test approach Microsoft window introduced new email app “One Outlook” that will replace the traditional mail and calendar apps in Windows 11.

[Image: af5260e5-ae72-4198-b905-57ecce0c8149.jpg]

In order to try this out you can follow these steps in Windows 11
1.      If you are using current outlook – you will have an option on the top right corner of your outlook to enable new outlook.
2.      You can turn that on to try the new outlook experience

[Image: ROPbcM.jpg]

Second option is if you already have it by windows update or a feature update you can search Mail in your Windows search and find the outlook icon with PRE and run from that

The third and final option would be to go to windows store and install the app from the link below

Let met know what you think about the new outlook, do you like it more than normal outlook?



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