Recap – Cambodia ICT Forum User Group Meeting: Jan 2024

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Hello to our members and tech community,

On January 27th, we gathered at the Black OX HQ Auditorium in Phnom Penh for an engaging session of the ICT Forum Cambodia's User Group Meeting. This month we coverd on, "Developing Web Applications on Microsoft Azure," attracted a vibrant mix of IT professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts eager to explore the latest in cloud computing.

The day was kick-started with an insightful keynote that shed light on the potential and versatility of Microsoft Azure. Following this, a series of expert-led presentation delved into critical areas such as security, scalable cloud infrastructure, and the innovative use of AI within Azure's ecosystem.

To ensure the continuation of learning and exploration, we're pleased to provide access to the sample codes and presentation materials from the event.

You can download the slides and the samle code here -

A big thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and insightful contributions made this event a memorable one. Let's continue to foster this spirit of collaboration and innovation within the ICT Forum Cambodia.

Stay connected for more updates and upcoming events. Together, we're driving the future of technology in Cambodia!

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